Open Floor conscious movement κινητικός διαλογισμός

 What can I expect the first time?

Every session is an entirely different experience. Usually we start with a warm up and a moving meditation listening to a variety of different kinds of music, from rock, jazz, ethnic, electronic, hip hop and blues to classical music and opera (check out some playlists here). Sometimes we move in silence or with live music. There are no steps to follow and no rules to stick to. We explore, listen to our body and find our own dance. So all you need to do is move in whatever way feels right in the moment, following your body’s rhythm. Enjoy yourself!

What's good about it? 

First off, we activate and exercise the body since we move constantly. Then, aside from the pure joy of movement and the catalytic impact of the music, sometimes we end up doing some soul searching, which comes in a natural, organic way, since everything surfaces through the body. By understanding more about ourselves, we then have a choice to leave behind whatever no longer serves us: feelings, thoughts, beliefs, behaviours. At the end of the class we might often feel elated, our body vibrant, our mind calm, more centered and with a greater sense of connection to ourselves and others. After all, research has shown the multiple benefits of movement to human beings. You can also check out what other people have said about these classes. 

What kind of experience is needed? 

No experience in either movement or meditation is required. Everyone is welcome. If you have any questions at all, please get in touch!

What should I bring?

Dress in comfortable clothing and bring some water. If it's your first time, please arrive a few minutes earlier so that we get to know each other. We move barefoot.